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2016 SASS New Hampshire State Championship 'Fracas at Pemi Gulch'

 July 8-9-10, 2016

  • 2016 SASS NH State Champions:
    Darksider and Crystal Creek Chris

  • 2016 SASS NH State Overall Champions:
    Rootin' Tootin' Tim and Crystal Creek Chris

  • Results:  Overall,  Category,  Clean Shooters
Category Winners
B-Western Six-Shot Steve
Classic Cowboy Sleepy Floyd
Ladies Duelist Nanny Oakley
Frontiersman Doc McCoy
Frontier Cartridge Splinter Bill
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Callous Clyde
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Dead Head
Ladies Gunfighter Hawley McCoy
Senior Duelist Newt Ritter
Ladies Senior Duelist Nantucket Dawn
Senior Gunfighter Grazer
Ladies Senior Gunfighter Emma Goodcook
Young Guns Boy (14-17) Davey the Kidd
Cowboy (18+) Darksider
Cowgirl (18+) Penny Candy
Wrangler (36+) Nutmeg Ryder
Ladies Wrangler (36+) Raven Maniac
49'r (49+) Rootin' Tootin' Tim
Ladies 49'r (49+) Crystal Creek Chris
Senior (60+) Iron Horse Pete
Ladies Senior (60+) Single Rose
Silver Senior (65+) Oneshot Willtravel
Ladies Silver Senior (65+) Boston Lady
Elder Statesman (70+) Pittsburg Mac
Cattle Baron (75+) Bear Lee Tallable
Cattle Baroness (75+) Crackshot Bev
Grand Patron (80+) Beaver Trapper
Grand Patroness (80+) Bonnie Dee

Stage Winners
Stage Winner Special Winner
 1 Darksider High Cattle Baron on Stage 1 - Bear Lee Tallable
 2 Darksider High Elder Statesman on Stage 2 - Yankee
 3 Rootin Tootin Tim High Frontier Cartridge Duelist on Stage 3 - Callous Clyde
 4 Darksider High 49'er on Stage 4 - Rootin' Tootin' Tim
 5 Grazer High Frontier Cartridge on Stage 5 - Splinter Bill
 6 Grazer High Frontierman on Stage 6 - Doc McCoy
 7 Darksider High Senior on Stage 7 - Iron Horse Pete
 8 Tazzmainian Kid High Senior Duelist on Stage 8 - Newt Ritter
 9 Darksider High Senior Gunfighter on Stage 9 - Grazer
10 Darksider High Silver Senior on Stage 10 - Oneshot Willtravel

Costume Contest
Best Dressed Cowboy/Cowgirl Iron Horse Pete Belle Evans
Best Sweaty (or Wet) Cow-person High Springs Drifter -
Parlor House Madam - Crackshot Bev
Evening Wear Doc McCoy Grammie Phoenix

Side Match Winners
Warm-Up - Stage 1 Oneshot Willtravel Crystal Creek Chris
Warm-Up - Stage 2 Rootin' Tootin' Tim Crystal Creek Chris
Warm-Up - Stage 3 Rootin' Tootin' Tim Crystal Creek Chris
Plainsman Mini-Match Winner Doc McCoy -
Wild Bunch Modern Winner Cillbeast -
Wild Bunch Traditional Winner Doc McCoy -
Speed Pistol - Traditional  Nutmeg Ryder  Crystal Creek Chris
Speed Pistol - Gunfighter  Grazer  Emma Goodcook
Speed Pistol - Duelist  Grazer -
Speed Rifle  Grazer  Crystal Creek Chris
Shotgun - Pump  Grazer  Crystal Creek Chris
Shotgun - Double  Darksider -
Derringer - Accuracy  Custer  Emma Goodcook
Pocket Pistol - Accuracy  Doc Savage -
Main Match Pistol - Accuracy  Tulsa Jack -
Long Range Rifle - Single Shot  Iron Horse Pete  Emma Goodcook
Long Range Rifle - Lever Action  Windjammer -

Photos courtesy of Professor Litewell.

Young Guns Boy



Ladies Wrangler


Ladies 49'er


Ladies Senior

Silver Senior

Ladies Silver Senior

Elder Statesman

Cattle Baron

Cattle Baroness

Grand Patron

Grand Patroness


Classic Cowboy


Frontier Cartridge

Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Senior Duelist

Senior Gunfighter

Ladies Duelist

Ladies Senior Duelist

Ladies Gunfighter

Ladies Senior Gunfighter

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